Grilled Halloumi Salad

I love cheese and I love it grilled. Here is a grilled halloumi salad with grilled broccolini, avocado and quinoa.

photo 2
Alright so, for a salad sufficient for two people, you will need:
Fresh Salad
Halloumi Cheese (about 2/3 of a packet)
Half an Avocado
Baby Broccoli
Quinoa (half a cup)
Olive Oil (dressing)
The first thing to do is to prepare your salad. Wash and dry it well. Once the halloumi is ready, you’re going to want to eat it straight away as it tends to get very rubbery as it cools off so preparing everything else before hand makes everything easier. Prepare half an avocado by slicing it into small cubes (it’ll add creaminess to your salad which is why I tend to only use olive oil as my dressing).

In a pot, add some water to boil (with a pinch of salt) for the baby broccoli. I like mine fairly crunchy so 2-3 minutes was enough. Once your salad and avocado are done and your broccoli is cooking, start with your quinoa. Put half a cup of quinoa into a small pot, add about one cup of water and leave to boil (salt isn’t necessary here because of the saltiness of the halloumi cheese) on a medium flame.
As your broccoli is cooking, prepare your grill pan for the halloumi cheese. On a medium flame, add a few drops of olive oil and leave it to heat up. Slice the halloumi into about centimetre thick pieces, then add to the grill pan. Your broccoli should be ready by now so add those too. For a golden brown colour, I grilled my halloumi and broccoli for about 6 minutes, making sure to flip the cheese over to cook it evenly.


Don’t forget to check on the quinoa. It should be ready once the water is gone (about 7-8 minutes), but taste to be sure (it should have a somewhat crunchy texture). Once the halloumi, broccoli, and quinoa are ready, throw everything into your salad bowl and mix well. Season with some olive oil and serve while the halloumi is hot!

photo 5    photo 4

☼ ☀ J

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